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I AM Studio


In the heart of Pearl District, the I AM yoga+art+music STUDIO is currently under construction with plans to open November 2013. Founders, Joe Picorale and Melissa Cameron intend to use this space as an opportunity to create revolutionary events for the community. The goal is to create a place to celebrate and inspire, and to share the space with all of Tulsa. The old building (we think was built in the 1920's) has been sitting abandoned for many years and we have transformed the space into a place that ignites creativity for all who walk through the door.

Our 1,500 square foot studio is a mult-use space that is a supreme place for creativity. We hope to inspire passion and ignite love within everyone who passes through the doors of the studio. We love it here and we look forward to sharing it with you!

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I AM Festival


I AM Festival brings together art, music and yoga. We believe in the power of the human spirit and LOVE celebrating each one of us and all of the gifts we have to bring. For one weekend a year, we create Tulsa's largest yoga playground bringing in teachers from around the country and mix in some mindblowing speakers to cause some serious rethinking to happen. Let's not forget the artist, performers and musicians that keep our spirits soaring.

We have already reserved the park for 2014!!! Yes, we are so inspired by this year that we are just continuing with the flow of planning next year. We LOVED Centennial Park and will be there again next year for the same weekend (Septr 12-14, 2014). We are adding Friday night to the schedule so there will be more amazingness for everyone to share in!

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I AM Community


For over a year, we have been gathering every week to explore and engage in deep discussion. Everything from what love really means to the depths of time and space. Our weekly meetings provide a source of inspiration and a safe place to ask questions about life. Originally based on the book “Conversations with God” by Neale Donald Walsch, our group has read through 2 study books and is now moving onto exploring all conversations that are meaningful. A sort of family, a tribe, a village has formed and we stay accountable to ourselves while nurturing each other through life’s daily experiences.

Community is very important to I AM and we are always searching for ways to create sustainable, loving community.

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The drunken artist

Our artists are selected by enthusiasm and love for their art. Tulsa has so many great artists and this event is a unique way to watch the organic unfolding and magic of art. Throughout the evening, guests can walk behind the artist as they paint their masterpieces. Each artist will bring their unique gift to their canvas and 50% of the proceeds of each piece of art goes directly to the artist.

  • Seven artists painting live
  • Wine, beer & champagne available
  • Mark Gibson Music (with Ryan Magnani)

join our tribe

United we can create a more holistic world to live in. Become part of a community of like minded people in Tulsa, OK. Take responsibility for your happiness and do more yoga.

  • 11 I AM Yoga classes every week
  • Drop-in or become a member and save!
  • A yoga playground for all levels!


Stop by the new I AM Studio for a creative inspiring night with featured art from Aaron Rayner. This is a new recurring monthly event for the first Friday of every month. This is a family-friendly event so bring the kiddos.

  • FREE entrance!
  • Paint your own masterpiece for $10
  • Happening from 7-10 pm