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What is

Vinyasa Yoga?

Vinyasa Yoga means to “place in a special way” and is also often referred to as Flow Yoga Classes that are breath-based movements. It is a physical practice that is built in steps to provide an opportunity for the body to prepare itself for the progressing postures. Many of the poses (asanas) taught are connected to the breath and are linked from one posture to another so that each person can transition easily while staying present and attentive to the body.

The history of Vinyasa Yoga

Tirumali Krishnamacharya (1888-1989) is also known as “The Father of Modern Yoga”. Krishnamacharya was the first to introduce the concept of “Vinyasa”. Vinyasa means “to place in a special way”, “step by step” or “putting one thing after another”, it consists of moving from one asana or position of the body to the next, linking breath with movement. This makes the Yoga practice more dynamic. Krishnamacharya taught Vinyasa Krama as a way of introducing concepts to the body in a progressive style throughout a yoga practice. By drawing the mind’s attention to certain aspects of work / ease within a posture, the practitioner could then become more familiar with one’s body and begin to engage in the movement with more awareness.

Krishnamacharya taught one of his long term students Vinyasa. This student was K. Pattaboi Jois who is the founder of Ashtanga which includes the familiar aspects of Vinyasa such as Surya Namaskara A & B sequences and fluid transitions from one asana to another. It is important to note that Vinyasa was the foundation of Ashtanga and not the other way around.

“Master your breath, let the self be in bliss, contemplate on the sublime within you.”

T. Krishnamacharya


What do I need to wear to a yoga class?2019-12-05T18:58:28+00:00

We recommend that you consider clothing that is comfortable but allows for maximum mobility. T-shirt/tank top with shorts/yoga pants will work. We also take our socks and shoes off for class.

What is the temperature in the studio?2020-05-27T21:05:15+00:00

We keep the yoga studio around 77-80 degrees all year. We offer complimentary towels to use in case you get sweaty and they are available inside the studio space.

Where do I park?2019-12-05T18:59:18+00:00

We do have a parking lot behind the building available on a first come first serve basis. Otherwise, there is street parking available nearby.

If it’s my first class, what time should I get there?2020-05-27T21:06:25+00:00

The studio doors open 15 mins before each class.  Remember to complete your registration online PRIOR to attending a class and pay for the class online.  If you need help with this process, please email us anytime.

If I’ve never done yoga before, will I be able to participate?2019-12-05T19:00:03+00:00

We have specifically designed a Beginner’s Yoga class to help prepare you for a regular vinyasa yoga practice. It is an active class and will most likely heat the body and require standing, kneeling, placing body weight on the hands, etc. If you have injuries, our instructors can help assist you in showing some modifications but all participation in the class is voluntary and an individual choice. All of the classes will provide modifications even if they are not specifically a Beginner’s Yoga Class.

Do I need to pre-register?2020-05-27T21:04:30+00:00

Pre-registration is now required for all classes in the studio!  We no longer accept drop-ins beginning June 1, 2020.  Please fill out the registration information below to sign-up or if you are an existing client, sign into MINDBODY to register for the class.


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