Our Vision

Yoga is a lifelong journey.

Why not do it together.


We started I AM Yoga in the fall of 2011 when we created the first I AM Yoga, Art + Music Festival. This community event was free entrance and hosted over 600 people throughout the weekend. After the first year, we realized that we wanted to continue this journey and formed a tribe of sorts. A group of friends set out on a journey to continue to explore how we could share yoga, meditation, mindfulness and wellness to a larger community. At the time, yoga was pretty small in Tulsa and we knew it would be hard work and determination to make an impact but we thought it was worth it.

Over the years, I AM has hosted dozens of events including The Drunken Artist (a fundraiser for the festival), outdoor yoga every summer for 7 years, Glow Yoga events, and opened 2 yoga studios. We believe that yoga is a path to the inner wisdom and through our events we hope to bring out that in each person. Our vision is that by acknowledging the wisdom within, our fellow humans can encounter this wisdom through daily practices and lifestyles that will result in more joy and wellness throughout a lifetime.


I bow to you.

Melissa Joy Cameron
Founder / Owner