1.  What do I need to wear to a yoga class?

We recommend that you consider clothing that is comfortable but allows for maximum mobility. T-shirt/tank top with shorts/yoga pants will work. We also take our socks and shoes off for class.

2. What is the temperature in the studio?

We keep the yoga studio around 77-80 degrees all year. We offer complimentary towels to use in case you get sweaty and they are available inside the studio space.

3. Where do I park?

We do have a parking lot behind the building available on a first come first serve basis. Otherwise, there is street parking available nearby.

4.  If it's my first class, what time should I get there?

We recommend getting there about 10-15 minutes before the class start time to fill out the registration card and sign the liability waiver. This is required before participating in a yoga class.

5. If I've never done yoga before, will I be able to participate?

We have specifically designed a Beginner's Yoga class to help prepare you for a regular vinyasa yoga practice. It is an active class and will most likely heat the body and require standing, kneeling, placing body weight on the hands, etc. If you have injuries, our instructors can help assist you in showing some modifications but all participation in the class is voluntary and an individual choice. All of the classes will provide modifications even if they are not specifically a Beginner's Yoga Class.

6. Do I need to pre-register?

We highly recommend signing up PRIOR to attending one of our public yoga classes although it is not required. Classes can be purchased one at a time or we have several passes and packages to choose from at discounted rates. Pre-registration is required for all of our Specialty Yoga Classes.