Yoga Intensives with Chrispy

Yoga Intensives with Chrispy

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We are delighted to announce that our favorite Austin Yogi is making his way back to Tulsa for a weekend of yoga studies. He will be offer four 2-Hour intensives over the weekend that will be focusing on expanding knowledge of Vinyasa Yoga and its practical application in today’s world.

All 4 intensives can be purchased as a weekend package or each one separately. 

Friday, April 20th 5:30 - 7:30 pm “Vinyasa Playground”
Saturday, April 21st 11 am - 1 pm “Anatomy and Alignment for Vinyasa Yoga”
Saturday, April 21st 3 pm - 5 pm “Arm Balances and Inversions”
Sunday, April 22nd 11 am - 1 pm “Vinyasa Yoga Sequences”

$40 (early-bird) for 1 workshop (Saturday or Sunday) - $50 at the door
$20 (early-bird) for Friday workshop - $25 at the door

Buy all 4 sessions
Early-Bird*: $120 | Members $96
At the door: $140 | Members $112
*purchase online or in the studio before the event


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VINYASA PLAYGROUND:  Is your Ritual in a Rut? Maybe it's time to bring the intentions of playfulness and exploration into the solid basis of your Vinyasa practice. In this fun, informative and playful workshop, we will build from the basics or solid VInyasa flows, and incorporate and explore opportunities for arm balances, binds, inversions, sass and flair! All are welcome, all will be challenged, and there will be laughs!

ANATOMY AND ALIGNMENT FOR VINYASA YOGA - Due to the flowing nature and repetitive movements that are the basis for Vinyasa Yoga, it's imperative and intelligent to learn the basic anatomical landmarks, systems, functions and applications in our own bodies. Rather than focusing on the alignment of the pose, we will look at the bodies in the room, in static and moving poses, and learn from the students in front of us. The basis of intelligent yoga is to bring the asana into the body, not to force the body into the asana. From this perspective, every student and class becomes a new I inquiry into form, function and intention. This is a great workshop for long-time Vinyasa students themselves as well as those who seek to support others.

ARM BALANCES AND INVERSIONS - let's get real - these are the spice of the practice and a great bunch of fun to play with, work towards and achieve! In this workshop, we'll spend time building on the basic Anatomy of the body, and the basic Physics of the asanas, in order to learn how to leverage gravity into levity. Exploration, discussion, assisting, instructing and incorporating into practices will all be covered.

VINYASA YOGA SEQUENCES - Vi-nyasa means "to place specifically" or as I like to say, to make the habitual into ritual through intention. There is a science to sequencing a safe, intellingent and challenging flow, either for oneself or for groups... learn the theory and practice of preparation and compensation, how to sequence for anatomical goal, how to understand modifications or intensifiers and ultimately, how to be able to structure a flow that meets the immediate needs of the person who is about to move!