I AM Yoga was created by Melissa Joy Cameron (and a whole bunch of friends who love and support her).

Melissa began her yoga journey in 2000 by attending classes around Tulsa and then decided in 2005 to attend her first teacher training. At the time, she owned a retail store called Natural Lullabies which also focused on services and education classes for women and families in the time of pregnancy, birth and parenting. She focused her initial yoga efforts on prenatal, mommy and me and children’s yoga. Melissa began expanding her offerings around 2010 teaching public yoga classes in a variety of formats and environments. She has taught everywhere from gyms, offices, breweries, bed and breakfast, private homes, birthday parties, internationally and so much more. In 2011, Melissa co-created the Special Delivery Birth Center and had a small yoga studio inside the birth center. It was also in 2011 that Melissa began to co-create the I AM Yoga Festival with a group of friends. The I AM Yoga Festival was a huge part of the journey that led to the organization you see today.

In 2012, Melissa opened a yoga studio on 6th and Peoria and then left shortly after to explore teaching in other studios and focus on the festival. It was in 2016 that Melissa opened Cherry Street Yoga which eventually became I AM Yoga Studio. Melissa quickly found the best yoga instructors she could find and began to form the I AM Yoga Community. At I AM Yoga, we are dedicated to yoga and continue to find unique and applicable ways to create a healthier community through the practice and philosophy of vinyasa yoga. In 2019, Melissa and her dear friend Chrispy Bhagat Singh co-created the I AM Yoga School which focuses on Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training. In May of 2019, I AM Yoga moved into a new building at 15th + Columbia in midtown Tulsa.  We celebrated 4 years in April 2020 during the COVID-19 Pandemic and plan to continue to serve our community with healthy, foundational and consistent yoga for many years to come.

What a ride… thanks for reading and we hope to see you around!


Find out what other’s have to say about our studio!

What a beautiful sacred space with loving staff. A place to feel comfy in your own skin 🙏

Stephanie P., Facebook Review

It is a warm & welcoming place, everyone their from the instructors to fellow students are willing to help a beginner out in any way the can.

Teresa W., Facebook Review

I have been attending regularly for 3 years and the instructors all do a great job. Small enough for lots of personal attention from instructor and making new friends.

Kristopher S., Facebook Review